Finding Them

Sometimes, the prices of things online are higher than you want to pay. They might be close to the best price, but with shipping costs, it could be just as well to buy an item at the physical store. There is nothing wrong with that; consumers supporting local shops help to keep an economy vibrant and varied. There’s more to the shopping experience than simply picking and purchasing stuff when a store is run by friendly people who know your name. Still, what if budgetary concerns are pressing? You want to find a way to shave off dollars where you can.

Coupon Codes

Online shopping can be cheaper because you order in volume or you do not have to travel anywhere to buy goods, or it can be cost-effective because of savvy shopping methods like applying coupon codes. A whole lot of readers will wonder “what are coupon codes” and be amazed at how much money they could have saved. If you were puzzled by a series of numbers and letters listed on websites and wondered if they were a code between retailers and club members, you have been missing out. These are coupons that encourage clients to spend money when they would have otherwise thought that online prices weren’t appealing enough.

What Is a Coupon Code?

Obviously, you can’t submit a paper coupon to an online retailer. Cutting coupons isn’t old-fashioned, however, because all that a POS program wants is a series of numbers and possibly letters to tell it you qualify for a discount. This discount probably came from an internet source. All you do is type it in, and if you meet the qualifying criteria, savings are calculated and applied at the checkout.

What Sorts of Coupons Are There?

Virtually anything one can purchase online could qualify for a discount of this kind. Books, vitamins, e-cigs, and home food delivery programs are just a few examples. Visit a bookstore, health food shop, or a vape store online and this coupon will qualify you for discount by value, by percent, or a free item. The code might be an exchange: type in the numbers, agree to receive an e-newsletter and save 10% on your very first order with them.

Where Does a Shopper Find These Wonderful Coupons?

Retail stores send out coupons in flyers, the newspaper, mail them to coupon club subscribers, or let people print them off of the computer. E-commerce stores send them out in a variety of ways, usually over the internet, though potentially in other media, for online application. In other words, they might be in a magazine, but you still use them the same way as you would apply a coupon code found on an internet forum or social media site. (Click here for one of our other articles about getting the most out of your coupons).

Online Sources for Coupon Codes

The most common place to post and find these codes, though, is over the internet since they are part of web-based marketing strategies by firms and affiliates. It is common for online stores to sign-up affiliate marketers and these individuals make their money by encouraging people to buy products they market. A means of encouraging them is to install codes given to them by the company on their blogs or on forums where types of products are discussed. Examples would be health food portals where people compare notes on vitamins and supplements and forums about e-cigs or vaporizers where participants are permitted to post banners and codes.

There are also websites dedicated to posting coupon codes, either specific types (e-cigs, books, clothing) or for a larger range of coupon codes. Here you will find a variety of discounts listed and their dates of expiry if these discounts are subject to expiration. This is a fun and informative place to visit because it shows the huge variety of discount methods that are out there. You see everything from various values (5% to 75%) to coupons for certain products (save 10% on starter kits, automatic home delivery, etc.). It’s amazing how complex the business of saving money can be and also how important the small print is in these adventures. You would want to do a little searching to see who had the best coupons. As an example for e-cigs, I did quick search for coupons and found some good ones for Vapornation and Smokeless image.

Companies will also list coupon codes right on their websites. They want you to make that first purchase so badly they place a code right on the first page. Once you are a customer, especially with e-cigs, they know  you will keep coming back for more products like e-liquids and accessories.