What Are The Best Gold IRA Companies

With rising year-on-year inflation, investors are looking for ways to hedge their wealth or retirement funds. They are looking to invest in areas that will protect their savings and wealth while providing a relatively good return on investment.

One option many have taken is to invest in gold and other precious metals such as silver and platinum. Gold has proven to be a good hedge against inflation during economic uncertainty. It is also widely recognized as a store of value and can be used as a means of exchange, like currency.

However, setting up a self-directed Gold IRA account can be a daunting task, as it requires knowing all the IRS guidelines, finding a trustworthy and approved depository and custodian, and then finding a gold dealer or way to buy the gold. This is where gold IRA companies come in.

What is a Gold IRA Company?

A Gold IRA Company is an organization or a firm that provides investors with a way to invest in precious metals. These companies will help with the initial and ongoing process of setting up an account by doing all the administrative paperwork and communicating with the Internal Revenue Service on your behalf.

Advantages of using a Gold IRA Company

The advantages of using a Gold IRA company are numerous. First, they will buy gold bullion and coins at current market prices. This means you don’t need to worry about securing a high enough margin profit from purchasing the gold and selling it at a higher price. They will then store the precious metals in a vault or depository that the IRS approves for your account.

Another advantage is that they provide support for administrative paperwork, such as filling out the required forms and updating them when needed. They also offer support in finding an approved depository that the IRS accepts, which can be challenging to find on your own.

Once an account is set up, all the investor needs to do is monitor their Gold IRA investment’s performance and review the company’s fees and expenses.

What Are The Best Gold IRA Companies?

Now that you know what a Gold IRA company is and the benefits it could give you, let’s look at the top three gold IRA companies so you can make an informed decision of which one to choose.

1. Goldco

The first on our list is Goldco, which has been in business for over a decade, making it one of the most reliable and trustworthy Gold IRA companies. They have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and AAA for their overall quality of service.

Goldco has an in-house vault and storage facility in California and a Compliance Administrator responsible for maintaining accurate records of Goldco’s clients’ holdings. Goldco also provides their investors with the necessary paperwork to complete for setting up an account and also offers tax-free IRA distribution to clients.

They have an information-packed website and customer support that will guide you through the process from opening your account to funding it from your 401(k) or any other account. They also offer investment ideas and strategies and even have a store where you can purchase bullion coins and bars.

Goldco provides all the information required to help you make an informed decision when investing in the precious metals market. They are on top of our list because they are amongst the most well-established firms in this industry and have also been around for a while, which means they have built a good reputation and understand what their clients want.

2. Augusta Precious Metals

Also among the top Gold IRA companies is Augusta Precious Metals, which offers IRA services to investors through self-directed IRAs. This means you will open a self-managed account that allows you to take full control over your portfolio and investment choices.

They offer IRA gold bullion accounts to clients and are FDIC-insured. They are also FINCEN-certified, so they will not ask for additional tax requirements for purchasing gold bullion with your IRA funds.

Another perk to using them is that they charge no fees for purchasing the precious metals, and customers can buy up to $5,000 worth of gold every month without paying any transaction fees. They have very low fees compared to other IRA companies, and you can get their fee structure from their site.

Augusta works with a different company to store your gold, Delaware Depository, a well-known storage facility. This means they have partnered with a best-in-class organization in the precious metals market, which helps provide peace of mind knowing your bullion is in safe hands.

3. Birch Gold Group

Next on our list is Birch Gold Group (BGG). This company offers IRA services for retirement investors and aims to give clients what they want by being trustworthy and doing things the right way.

They offer IRA gold service options that you can use to invest in gold bullion and coins, as well as precious metals such as silver, palladium, platinum and more. They offer storage methods such as Safe Deposit Boxes, Gold Bullion Vaults and Coin Vaults. These allow you to store your precious metals safely and securely.

BGG has some of the most competitive fees among its competitors. The fees vary between 0% to 0.25%, no matter how much or little money you put into your account. They also offer a Free Gold Kit that includes gold coins and rounds and will educate you on how to invest in precious metals.

In addition, they provide personal service to their clients and offer regular newsletters, tips, other news related to investing in gold and strategy sessions with industry experts.

These are just some of the top companies that offer Gold IRA services. You should always take the time to do your research and ensure you find a reputable company to invest in precious metals.


Get The Most

When you shop online, the world of coupon clipping is not closed to you. Stop thinking of that as a purely physical phenomenon which involves real scissors and paper; coupon codes have created a paperless revolution in savings for savvy shoppers who know how to get the most out of these codes.

Getting the Most from Coupons

But how do you make codes really work for you? One might argue that these are always great value, and there is no way to lose, but that’s not true. You have to do your research and make the best use of them. More importantly, pick the best places to use your codes. Just because a business offers discounts does not mean savings are guaranteed; not when you compare one company’s prices to those of another.

How Can That Be?

We have this misconception as shoppers that online stores are automatically cheaper. They are not. If we have nothing to compare a web-based shop with, that makes it even harder to tell what good value is supposed to look like, and it’s difficult when you can’t compare apples to apples. For example, one e-cig store might carry starter kits with two batteries and five cartomizers plus chargers. Another offers just batteries and chargers. Their prices differ, of course, but how much should they be different by if their value was equivalent?

Shipping Disparity

Also, when you factor shipping into costs, this sometimes eats up all of your savings unless an order is large enough to meet the free-shipping threshold. Sure, this was a more convenient way to order books, but you might as well have enjoyed a day out and had them in your hand right away. If this were a bottle of vitamins you were shopping for, it would have been possible to read the best-before date.

Bulk Buying Bonanza

Where online stores make their money and save you, cash is in the business of bulk buying. You will generally get the best deals by picking up volume orders rather than small ones no matter what you purchase. Since every firm is doing the same thing, though, it is still important to compare and also to make sure the goods at a site are authentic. Look for a brand symbol that says this business is an authorized reseller.

Make Coupon Codes Count

Let’s take a look at shipping costs for a minute. If you don’t pay for shipping anyway and costs are low to start with, it is difficult to lose in a transaction unless you are ordering something which has been deeply discounted somewhere else and you missed the sale. Always shop around and don’t take your friend’s word for something; things change quickly on the internet. If your timing is right, this might be the day a store holds their flash sale and that coupon valid somewhere else doesn’t compare. Maybe sign up for Facebook feeds and e-newsletters prior to making a big purchase with or without a coupon code. This way, a sale never passes you by.

When you think you know where to shop and have a code at your disposal, do the full calculation including shipping and compare that with any other deals online before deciding you did well.

Coupon Specifics

A code will frequently be applied to a specific type of item. For instance, you have to buy e-liquid with it, a starter kit, six month’s supply of vitamins, or products by this or that brand. Research tells you, however, that another brand offers better value for money. Maybe buying vitamins somewhere else and signing up for auto-shipments is actually cheaper than volume shopping or vice versa. Here’s a common one: the starter kit from an e-cig firm looks like good value with a coupon until you calculate the cost of replacing e-juice or pre-filled cartridges. Some more calculations show that another brand is priced fairly already and cartridges are better value, possibly better-tasting too.

Review the Product

That’s another thing: if you use a coupon code to buy something and it does not operate well or satisfy you, there is nothing saved; not a thing gained. Read what other consumers have to say about a product. Visit Consumer review pages, independently run, and get as much unbiased information as you can. Twenty pages of 5-star ratings are clearly unrealistic and not authentic.


Finding Them

Sometimes, the prices of things online are higher than you want to pay. They might be close to the best price, but with shipping costs, it could be just as well to buy an item at the physical store. There is nothing wrong with that; consumers supporting local shops help to keep an economy vibrant and varied. There’s more to the shopping experience than simply picking and purchasing stuff when a store is run by friendly people who know your name. Still, what if budgetary concerns are pressing? You want to find a way to shave off dollars where you can.

Coupon Codes

Online shopping can be cheaper because you order in volume or you do not have to travel anywhere to buy goods, or it can be cost-effective because of savvy shopping methods like applying coupon codes. A whole lot of readers will wonder “what are coupon codes” and be amazed at how much money they could have saved. If you were puzzled by a series of numbers and letters listed on websites and wondered if they were a code between retailers and club members, you have been missing out. These are coupons that encourage clients to spend money when they would have otherwise thought that online prices weren’t appealing enough.

What Is a Coupon Code?

Obviously, you can’t submit a paper coupon to an online retailer. Cutting coupons isn’t old-fashioned, however, because all that a POS program wants is a series of numbers and possibly letters to tell it you qualify for a discount. This discount probably came from an internet source. All you do is type it in, and if you meet the qualifying criteria, savings are calculated and applied at the checkout.

What Sorts of Coupons Are There?

Virtually anything one can purchase online could qualify for a discount of this kind. Books, vitamins, e-cigs, and home food delivery programs are just a few examples. Visit a bookstore, health food shop, or a vape store online and this coupon will qualify you for discount by value, by percent, or a free item. The code might be an exchange: type in the numbers, agree to receive an e-newsletter and save 10% on your very first order with them.

Where Does a Shopper Find These Wonderful Coupons?

Retail stores send out coupons in flyers, the newspaper, mail them to coupon club subscribers, or let people print them off of the computer. E-commerce stores send them out in a variety of ways, usually over the internet, though potentially in other media, for online application. In other words, they might be in a magazine, but you still use them the same way as you would apply a coupon code found on an internet forum or social media site. (Click here for one of our other articles about getting the most out of your coupons).

Online Sources for Coupon Codes

The most common place to post and find these codes, though, is over the internet since they are part of web-based marketing strategies by firms and affiliates. It is common for online stores to sign-up affiliate marketers and these individuals make their money by encouraging people to buy products they market. A means of encouraging them is to install codes given to them by the company on their blogs or on forums where types of products are discussed. Examples would be health food portals where people compare notes on vitamins and supplements and forums about e-cigs or vaporizers where participants are permitted to post banners and codes.

There are also websites dedicated to posting coupon codes, either specific types (e-cigs, books, clothing) or for a larger range of coupon codes. Here you will find a variety of discounts listed and their dates of expiry if these discounts are subject to expiration. This is a fun and informative place to visit because it shows the huge variety of discount methods that are out there. You see everything from various values (5% to 75%) to coupons for certain products (save 10% on starter kits, automatic home delivery, etc.). It’s amazing how complex the business of saving money can be and also how important the small print is in these adventures. You would want to do a little searching to see who had the best coupons. As an example for e-cigs, I did quick search for coupons and found some good ones for Vapornation and Smokeless image.

Companies will also list coupon codes right on their websites. They want you to make that first purchase so badly they place a code right on the first page. Once you are a customer, especially with e-cigs, they know  you will keep coming back for more products like e-liquids and accessories.


Changing Positions

Why does the list of top-ten e cigs change when the mini cig industry has not altered much in the past few years? How are these tables calculated? Is there any way to know for sure what the best brands are? Let’s look at the ecig top-ten right now and see what consumers believe to be the best cigalikes. You can also read my other article on e cig reviews for more.


The best e-cigarette company appears to be V2 right now, at least among American ecigs brands which is all we are looking at here. There are no Chinese brands on this list such as Innokin and Smoktech, although they feature strongly when discussing APVs and mods. V2 lost its place to Vaporfi for a time but have regained top spot while Vaporfi has dropped to second. Mig Vapor rose from obscurity to join Halo and Apollo e cigs between the 3rd and 5th spots. South Beach Smoke and Green Smoke have lost some ground but continue to feature in the top-ten while NJoy and White Cloud are sometimes part of that list as well. The newcomer to e-cig top-ten lists is JUUL, the Pax Labs mini cig. On some lists, BluCigs, Vapor4Life, and White Cloud take the places of certain brands, and Volcano might be present if one is not discussing mini cigs exclusively, but the top five are typically listed as above.

What Changed

You will notice that some early names disappeared from some or all lists if you have been following the charts for a while. Old selections feature Bull Smoke, 777, Fin, Bloog, Smokeless Image, and Cigavette. What happened to them all? Cigavette and Fin continue to operate and Bull Smoke is also still breathing. Smokeless Image with their inexpensive Volt e cig hasn’t dropped out of the race either. Triple Seven is permanently out of business. Other names like Eonsmoke, SmokeTip, and 21st Century Smoke fail to make headlines but they are ticking by. So many brands have come and then swiftly disappeared that it’s difficult to keep track.

The Juul by Pax Labs and White Cloud came onto the scene relatively late, only a short time after Vaporfi which has been a dominant player in the e cig industry. Mig Vapor was not dominant for a long time. Their presence here is relatively new.

How Is the Top-Ten Established?

Various websites use their own criteria to evaluate electronic cigarette brands. If you ever see 777 or VaporZone on the chart, you know it’s an out-of-date posting, so ignore this one, even if the year 2016 is indicated. No one checked the facts. If the topic is cigarette-like devices for beginners, White Cloud and Green Smoke will probably join the ranks. Volcano will be out of the running as they got rid of the Magma.

When a writer is more interested in general e-cigarettes and mods sold by American companies, their list might change to feature Volcano. The JUUL will not be on it as this is purely a small, beginners’ device. They will look for excellent e juice as well as electronics.

Companies are graded on battery life, the durability of a product, ease of use, customer service, price, vapor production, flavor, vapor, and throat hit. They might also gain points for variety and style.

Vaporfi and V2

The reason these two take top place is that their scores are high in most of the above areas. Both companies make products which produce vapor from e-liquid, herbs, and oil. They are both capable of satisfying clients who want simple pens or the best vaporizers. Vaporfi is especially beloved for their e-juice, but the newest pens and mods by V2 have garnered increased attention and praise. Their VerTX is an especially pleasant surprise with its more gadget-like response to the cigalike form. Volcano can say the same, having added some high-tech machines to their catalogue such as the LavaBox DNA 200.

Vaporfi specializes in e-cigarettes for advanced consumers and they provide stylish products both in-person and online. Their rewards and affiliate programs are both well established and successful. V2 can say the same except that most people buy their products online. Only authorized distributors carry their starter kits in-store.

Halo, VaporFi, and Apollo satisfy the need for multiple flavors of e juice and the economy of refilling in ways that few other firms can really satisfy. They make their own e juice in the United States, meeting exacting standards for ingredients and bottling methods.


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