Changing Positions

Why does the list of top-ten e cigs change when the mini cig industry has not altered much in the past few years? How are these tables calculated? Is there any way to know for sure what the best brands are? Let’s look at the ecig top-ten right now and see what consumers believe to be the best cigalikes. You can also read my other article on e cig reviews for more.


The best e-cigarette company appears to be V2 right now, at least among American ecigs brands which is all we are looking at here. There are no Chinese brands on this list such as Innokin and Smoktech, although they feature strongly when discussing APVs and mods. V2 lost its place to Vaporfi for a time but have regained top spot while Vaporfi has dropped to second. Mig Vapor rose from obscurity to join Halo and Apollo e cigs between the 3rd and 5th spots. South Beach Smoke and Green Smoke have lost some ground but continue to feature in the top-ten while NJoy and White Cloud are sometimes part of that list as well. The newcomer to e-cig top-ten lists is JUUL, the Pax Labs mini cig. On some lists, BluCigs, Vapor4Life, and White Cloud take the places of certain brands, and Volcano might be present if one is not discussing mini cigs exclusively, but the top five are typically listed as above.

What Changed

You will notice that some early names disappeared from some or all lists if you have been following the charts for a while. Old selections feature Bull Smoke, 777, Fin, Bloog, Smokeless Image, and Cigavette. What happened to them all? Cigavette and Fin continue to operate and Bull Smoke is also still breathing. Smokeless Image with their inexpensive Volt e cig hasn’t dropped out of the race either. Triple Seven is permanently out of business. Other names like Eonsmoke, SmokeTip, and 21st Century Smoke fail to make headlines but they are ticking by. So many brands have come and then swiftly disappeared that it’s difficult to keep track.

The Juul by Pax Labs and White Cloud came onto the scene relatively late, only a short time after Vaporfi which has been a dominant player in the e cig industry. Mig Vapor was not dominant for a long time. Their presence here is relatively new.

How Is the Top-Ten Established?

Various websites use their own criteria to evaluate electronic cigarette brands. If you ever see 777 or VaporZone on the chart, you know it’s an out-of-date posting, so ignore this one, even if the year 2016 is indicated. No one checked the facts. If the topic is cigarette-like devices for beginners, White Cloud and Green Smoke will probably join the ranks. Volcano will be out of the running as they got rid of the Magma.

When a writer is more interested in general e-cigarettes and mods sold by American companies, their list might change to feature Volcano. The JUUL will not be on it as this is purely a small, beginners’ device. They will look for excellent e juice as well as electronics.

Companies are graded on battery life, the durability of a product, ease of use, customer service, price, vapor production, flavor, vapor, and throat hit. They might also gain points for variety and style.

Vaporfi and V2

The reason these two take top place is that their scores are high in most of the above areas. Both companies make products which produce vapor from e-liquid, herbs, and oil. They are both capable of satisfying clients who want simple pens or the best vaporizers. Vaporfi is especially beloved for their e-juice, but the newest pens and mods by V2 have garnered increased attention and praise. Their VerTX is an especially pleasant surprise with its more gadget-like response to the cigalike form. Volcano can say the same, having added some high-tech machines to their catalogue such as the LavaBox DNA 200.

Vaporfi specializes in e-cigarettes for advanced consumers and they provide stylish products both in-person and online. Their rewards and affiliate programs are both well established and successful. V2 can say the same except that most people buy their products online. Only authorized distributors carry their starter kits in-store.

Halo, VaporFi, and Apollo satisfy the need for multiple flavors of e juice and the economy of refilling in ways that few other firms can really satisfy. They make their own e juice in the United States, meeting exacting standards for ingredients and bottling methods.