For two decades, MedX has been serving Estes residents with superior excellence in providing specialized circuit training on unparalleled MedX equipment. In addition they have a large variety of top of the line Cardio Equipment, specialized medical strengthening machines, numerous Classes to match all fitness levels, three Physical Therapists and a Massage Therapist. Now by adding this service of MedX Fit Personalized Training it is a natural part of MedX's progression to serve our Estes neighbors in a greater way.

A Personalized Trainer can provide you with one on one personal training that will get results fast. An individual training program will be developed for you, that is customized to your needs and availability .

Our Personalized Trainer Joy Basia Melendy will guide you in this program to build a safe and efficient workout plan that will suit your fitness level and goals. Joy will provide you with knowledge about muscle function and how to safely and effectively perform each exercise to maximize your efforts in workouts. Hands on and visual demonstrations will also be included.

Joy Basia Melendy
Above & Beyond Fit Personalized Training

Prior to serving at MedX in Estes Park, Colorado, I did 10 years of Marketing & Promotion in Radio in Dallas, Texas. After that, I gratefully tripped into the fitness industry for two decades, including running a one-on-one Fitness Studio for more than 15 years. I earned lotsa athletic certifications, but the most valuable one is not framed...

Joy received a B.A. in Radio/TV Sociology from the University of Texas. She spent the next 10 years as Director of Marketing and Promotion for radio stations in Dallas. Following her career in Radio, she chose to pursue her passion of promoting people through fitness. She cut her teeth for the first three years at The Premier Club, However, felt she could offer more to clients in a private, one-on-one environment, so operated her own Fitness Studio. Above and Beyond Fit, in Colleyville, Texas, for 17 years.

Official Stuff:  Certifications tucked in a desk drawer from The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research are: Physical Fitness Specialist, Master Fitness Specialist, Biomechanics of Strength Training, Advanced Biomechanics of Strength Training, Special Populations/Older Adult. Also Functional Integrative Strength Training, Nike Elite Athletic Training & Conditioning, Hallelujah Acres, plus one that’s not framed. Stuff I specialize in: Strategic Fueling, Less is More Training, Functional Movement, Dynamic & Assisted Stretching, Therapeutic Movement, Foam Rolling & The Art of Running. Strengths Finder Profile: Activator, Developer, Achiever, Belief, Responsibility, Empathy, & Positivity.



My greatest thrill is to help you discover the best you can be!



Fun Stuff:  I love to serve where I live; Am a certified Strengths Finder Junkie, Forever watcher of people, Innovator & Overseer of MAP (Ministry Activation Program) at, I.D. Mentor, Steward of Dreams, “The Sovereign,” “Volition” & “Dream Graffiti” & other invisible stuff.

Speaking Stuff:  Cooper Corporate Wellness/Colleyville Winter Fitness Challenge Seminar, Dynamic Life Health Center, Alpha Regional Conference, Featured on Daystar’s Joni Show, Overseer, Refreshing Times Conference Speaker, Women at the Well Conference Speaker, Shaklee National Conference Speaker, Living by His Design, Featured in Dr. Joseph McWherter’s Book: “Avoiding Breast Cancer”, First Baptist Colleyville Women’s Retreat, Champion Cheer Camp Speaker, Sunflower Shoppe Guest Speaker, AGLOW Speaker, Nokia Executive Retreat, First Choice Guest Speaker, Zale’s Guest Speaker, Park Springs Womens Health Ministry, Arlington Organic Gardening Expo, Highland Meadows Guest Speaker, NTSA Speaker, Shaklee NTSA Panelist, Nokia Luncheon Speaker, “Training the Trainer” Program at Premier Club, “Fuel Coaching 101”

Education & Career Stuff:  University of Texas Arlington:  B.A. RadioTV Broadcast/Sociology.  University of Life:  No diploma here, but innumerable rich credit hours from challenges, triumphs, catastrophes & miracles. Above & Beyond Fit Studio, The Premier Club, Director of Marketing & Promotion at Magic 102.9 & 106.1 KISS FM.

I look forward to hearing from you via text or call to schedule your sessions at


Above & Beyond Fit Success Stories

I RECENTLY STARTED WORKING WITH JOY TO RESOLVE A CHRONIC HAMSTRING PROBLEM THAT I BATTLED FOR 30+ YEARS It prevented me from sitting in a chair or riding in a car comfortably. Another professional told me I’d have to live with the pain. However, after only one session with Joy, I felt immediate improvement. This journey has been amazing! In 12 sessions the pain was gone and in 16 sessions, we proved it’s not coming back--Joy hiked with me for 5 hours and there was absolutely NO PAIN! At age 57, I’m in the best physical health I’ve ever known!   ~Jane

I THOUGHT I WAS IN GOOD SHAPE I play golf in the summer. I go to MedX in the winter as often as possible. At MedX, I’d hop on the bike for 10 minutes, do the treadmill for 20-30, run through a few machines at a fast pace and feel like I had a workout. I didn’t realize I wasn’t getting the full benefit of the bike, treadmill or machines. --Until I started working with Joy Melendy, I was, to some extent, wasting my time... After my first session with Joy, I realized that if I wanted to get good results, I had to SLOW DOWN. I also had to learn the correct position of my body, hands, elbows and feet in order to get the full benefit.  Joy taught me all of this—and in a comfortable & happy atmosphere. She makes doing what I need to do “almost” fun! She’ll push you, and even make you want to push yourself! I’m so glad I’m working with Joy, as I feel I’m now getting the most out of my time spent at MedX.   ~Nan

I THOUGHT I HAD TO LIVE WITH PAIN Before I began training with Joy I lived with a nagging shoulder pain I thought would never go away. I was amazed that 15 minutes into our second session I regained full range of motion in my right arm/shoulder with absolutely no pain! This was discomfort I endured for more than four years! I came to see her to get into shape. I had no idea she was a detective of sorts and could solve mysterious aches and pains I thought were part of the aging process. I’m fitter, stronger, have better endurance and am pain-free! Thank you Joy! ~ Lois  

WORKING WITH JOY IS AWESOME It opened my eyes to how out of shape I was. I thought because my active job that I was in pretty good shape. However, working with Joy for a few sessions I realized that wasn’t the truth. She not only eased the tension and pain in my hips quickly, she taught me how to keep them healthy for a lifetime! The way I feel day to day is better and I’m truly fueling healthy with her guidance. If you want a real test to see what kind of shape you’re in AND make it better, see Joy!   ~Red

IN 15 MINUTES WE NOT ONLY INCREASED THE RANGE OF MOTION IN MY KNEE, BUT JOY SHOWED ME HOW TO KEEP IT THAT WAY! I’ve been seeing Joy for three weeks now. I find her warm, inviting and outgoing. She’s teaching me how to relieve immobility and pain I thought I had to live with! She also knows how to mix things up so you don’t get bored. I have confidence that in the weeks to come I’ll be able to meet all my fitness goals!  ~ Robin

I LED A LIFESTYLE OF EXCESS FOR DECADES THAT LED TO OBESITY. I resolved to start a new life and achieved some success on my own, but I feared it wouldn’t be sustainable if I didn’t seek further direction. Upon a close friend’s advice I began seeing Joy.  There’s not enough space here to edify her, but the numbers speak for themselves: I lost a combined total of 36 inches between my waist, chest, biceps, abdomen, quads, and calves! That includes a full 12 inches from my waist alone! I lost over 90 pounds. I have boundless energy, I have no more back and knee aches, no more fatigue and no longer need asthma medication!  ~ Eric

I UNDERWENT TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT, NOT ONDE BUT TWICE. My most recent surgery in January 2016, was for an “adjustment." I went through physical therapy for the third time. While my range of motion improved, I knew it could be better, so I asked Joy for her help in strengthening my legs.  I think of Joy as my Body Detective. She asked probing questions until she concluded that the problem was not just regaining muscle strength in my quads following surgery, but also releasing my hips, my IT band and my Psoas muscle. She taught me how to do daily techniques & exercises that gave me back my life!  I am 67 years young & haven’t felt this good in years! I can now go for long walks PAIN FREE. In June I hiked the Diamond Head Summit Trail in Hawaii, which includes 327 concrete steps. I never would've accomplished that without Joy’s compassionate dedication to improving my Total Well Being. ~ Karen