Wendi Shipp, Oklahoma State University

MedX of Estes was an excellent internship experience. The staff and clients were such a pleasure to work with. MedX of Estes helped give me the necessary experience to become more educated and involved in the health industry. It was a great conclusion to my undergraduate career!

Brad Shupe, Ball State University

During my internship at MedX of Estes, I was given the unique opportunity to experience the health and fitness world in a therapeutic environment. Because of this experience, I feel very well prepared to handle the many challenges and opportunities in the exercise and health field.

Mark Abel, University of Wisconsin- La Crosse

MedX of Estes was a great internship experience. I enjoyed working with clients of different fitness levels, various ages and special populations. MedX of Estes enhanced my education and concluded college with a great hands-on experience.

Erica Visto, North Dakota State University

MedX of Estes was a very positive, educational and fun experience. Completing an internship at such an established and professional site helped further my education as well as obtain a job in the health and fitness field.

Anna Hackey, University of South Florida

“Going to MedX of Estes for my internship was an opportunity of a lifetime. Coming from Florida, I had no idea what to expect, but I was extremely happy to find a site so nice and welcoming as MedX. I was also very pleased to find a place that offered so much to their interns. The experience helped me become a professional pre-PT student and created everlasting opportunities. If I could do it all over again, I would again...and again and again!

Riley Wilson, North Dakota State University 2016

My experience at MedX of Estes not only granted myself the knowledge to be prepared for physical therapy school, but also allowed to further my understanding of a fitness club. Working beside a variety of age groups with an assortment of capabilities provided the opportunity for hands on experience, and ultimately give me the tools needed for a successful career in the health and wellness field.

Matthew Swanson, The College of Saint Scholastica 2016

I thought that the internship program at MedX of Estes was setup very well, as it allowed me to further my knowledge and understanding in the realm of health and fitness. Working with such a wide range of people, in both age and fitness abilities, allowed me the opportunity to get hands on experience in physical therapy; as well as, apply concepts I have learned throughout my time as an undergraduate exercise physiology major to real world situations. It was also very nice to find an internship that has so much to offer in terms of work experience and opportunities around the community.

Jacob Hance, University of Northern Iowa 2017

I came into MedX with an open mind and ready to put my knowledge into action. The staff and clients were very welcoming throughout the entire internship. This attributed to a positive and successful work environment.

Working with various clientele allowed me to think on my feet and gain a variety of skills. The physical therapists were great at engaging myself with each client and always answered my diverse questions. MedX of Estes was an enjoyable internship and the scenery was a nice addition! This was a great cap for my undergrad degree and I would highly recommend this to all students.

Edward Sinovich, Illinois State University 2017

MedX of Estes was a great internship for me because I was able to work with such a diverse population that challenged me everyday. As an aspiring physical therapist, MedX prepared me with many tools that will help me as a future professional. The staff at MedX truly made me feel apart of the family and made work very enjoyable. Estes Park is an amazing place to live as well, adding another element to a great internship.