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Why Choose Medx?

Monday-Friday : 7am to 6pm Saturday: 8am to 12pm

We are open Mon thru Fri 7:00 am to 6:00pm and Sat 8:00am until 12:00pm.
As of now we are no longer having classes.

Exercising at MedX of Estes provides an opportunity for every member to have a personalized exercise prescription designed for them and opportunities for supervision every time they come in to work out. Exercise prescriptions are designed to help individuals reach health and fitness goals with emphasis on strength, aerobic and flexibility components.

For those who enjoy working out independently and not interested in supervision, MedX provides state of the art exercise equipment, free weights, cardiovascular equipment and class room for exercise goals to be achieved.

Every exercise staff member and intern have college degrees in exercise science and are available at any time to help discuss health and fitness goals and concerns.

Physical Therapy at MedX incorporates the entire body during a person’s therapy session. MedX believes that a comprehensive approach to therapy includes opportunity to exercise the healthy parts of your body while rehabbing the injured part that is requiring physical therapy from one of MedX’s physical therapists. You receive free fitness membership during physical therapy and a complimentary month after therapy is completed for most patients.

Comprehensive Physical Therapy at MedX includes therapy for miscellaneous injuries and accidents from auto, sports, hiking and falls. Therapy for spinal problems including general spine deconditioning, low back pain, bulging discs, pinches nerves, sciatica and neck pain. They provide therapy for aging concerns, disease processes and disabilities. MedX therapists also provide pre and post surgery therapy to help you prepare and return to life after surgery.

MedX is the only place in Estes Park that provides physical therapy for pelvic strengthening and incontinence concerns.

We are committed to providing members of all ages a fun, friendly environment for both exercise and therapy. We are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle through, state-of-the-art equipment, programs and fun activities that provide an exceptional and unique value to our community.

MedX Exercise Equipment - Foundation for the whole body.

MedX has the most technologically advanced fitness, sports and medical/rehabilitation equipment available.
Incorporated into every MedX product are decades of experience and millions of dollars of independent, university-based research. MedX is the most technologically advanced fitness, sports and medical/rehabilitation equipment available. MedX products achieve training efficiency through resistance curves matched to tested and proven strength profiles. They operate at a very low level of friction and offer a choice of resistance in 2-pound increments, ensuring a weight that is just right - not too heavy and not too light - for rapid and steady progress. Visit our MedX Machines Page to find out more.

Come visit us and we will give you a tour of the facility,
and explain how we can help you meet your fitness goals.