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Monthly Schedule of Cardio Wheels Classes

In addition to our Fitness Classes, we provide Wheel Classes in our Cycling Studio. Wheel Classes will give you a full-body indoor experience that provides riders with an all-encompassing, inspirational workout. By combining upbeat, energetic music with experienced instructors, we guide you through a one of a kind exercise experience.

What are Cardio Wheels classes? These classes are indoor group bicycle classes set to music, and designed for a cardio workout. Classes will include a warm-up, cool down and stretch. Most classes will also climb hills, flat roads, sprints, jumps and gentle rides.

What if I have never taken a group bicycle class before? Everyone is welcome in all of the classes we offer. Please show up to class at least 5 minutes early so that we can set up the bike for you and let you know what to expect. Bring water and a heart rate monitor if you have one.

Exercise towels are provided. Be sure to let the instructor know if you have never taken a class before and they will get you set up on your bike. Most classes are 45-60 minutes in length.

Please speak with the instructor beforehand if you need to leave before class is over.

Let us know if there are any other times you would like to see offered.

Meet Our Instructors

David Francis-Cardio Wheels Instructor

I have been a long- time advocate of wellness in my own life and others. I love the art and science of transformation. I was in the first State of Slim class ever at Estes Park Medical Center. The program was developed by the University of Colorado Anshutz Health Center. The program addresses body, mind and spirit and teaches the science of weight loss.

As the Association Risk Manager for the YMCA of the Rockies, I oversee a robust employee wellness program that includes monthly wellness lunch and learn speaker meetings and activity programs.

I love to teach. I’m an instructor in Wilderness First Responder, American Heart Association, A.L.I.C.E. armed intruder response, and Larimer County Search & Rescue.

I always customize my sessions based on the attendees. If you are cyclist or you want to just get a great aerobic workout there is something for you.

I love to fish, hike and work in the yard. I enjoy hiking with my wife Debbie. We have five children and seven grandchildren.

Debbie-Cardio Wheels Instructor

We decided to bring Cardio Wheels to MedX soon after we moved into our current location and had space for the class. I had been introduced to 'Spinning' while living in SanDiego and Boulder and absolutely loved the class. It's a class that works for busy people, who love the 'class' structure, enjoy music and want a serious workout. You can't walk out of a Cardio Wheels class and not feel like you've had an awesome workout!

Cardio Wheels (Spinning) is my most favorite indoor cardiovascular exercise activity. I've taught since our first bikes arrived at MedX over 17 years ago. My class is designed more as an aerobics class with variety of movements and changes throughout each song. I personally like variety so that I can keep my mind on the class and not lose concentration. However, the beauty of the class allows for every participant to have their own ride and I encourage everyone to ride as they want, I'm just giving suggestions and those suggestions will increase your workout intensity guaranteed. I'm very music oriented, so it's important to me to have great music. I look forward to having you in my class!

Lori-Cardio Wheels Instructor

I’m Lori Pass and I’m a Regional Color Specialist for John Paul Mitchell Systems. I’m responsible for color sales and education for 6 western states. I have lived in Estes Park for 20 years. My husband Corey and I have 2 amazing children, Catherine and Jonathan, a wonderful son in law Chad and one fantastic grand man Edward.

I have taught spinning for about 16 years. I have always loved exercise from aerobics to hiking and indoor cycling was an activity that I could do year round! A friend of mine introduced me to spinning and I fell in love. Debbie at MedX has been a wonderful instructor and mentor! I’m honored to represent MedX on Friday mornings at 8am sharing the wonderful world of spinning!

Cardio Wheels aka Spinning

Cardio Wheels is an indoor cycling class that is designed for those who are looking for a high intensity, low impact workout. Cardio Wheels is not only for those who cycle, it's for everyone. In fact, non-cycling participants end up loving the class and stay with it year round. It is the most popular class offered at MedX because of it's ability to have beginners to advanced cyclists in the same class each receiving a high caloric burning workout. The classes are an hour long in time. The instructor will make sure that you are set up properly on your bike for comfort and proper alignment. The instructor will then lead you on an hour long workout to music by encouraging you to add resistance for hills, lifting out of the saddle for variety, speeding up for sprints, etc. It's a fun, hard hour of exercise that is guaranteed to get you in shape, help you lose weight and make you ready for out door cycling and hiking. Indoor cycling is a perfect cross training workout for runners.