Our Facility

MedX of Estes has been providing exercise and fitness services to Estes Park since 1996. We have over 35 weight machines with two separate strength training circuits designed for full body strengthening. These two circuits were designed to provide basic, full body strength in a way that is convenient requiring the shortest amount of time to complete. There is also a third group of machines that’ll help enhance your strength goals where you can add to your circuit or free weight routine.

Our free weight room is fully stocked with inclining and declining benches, a bench-press rack, squat and power racks, leverage machines, smith machine, multi-cable rack, pull-up and dip station, dumbbells up to 150 lbs and all the accessories you’d need.

MedX has seven Woodway treadmills, which are unique in that they are slatted and softer to walk on, not the usual belt moving across a hard platform. This provides a smarter and safer treadmill workout for knees and hips when exercising on a treadmill. We also have 5 elliptical trainers, two stair climbers, up-right and recumbent stationary bicycles and 2 rowers. We are also the only club in town to have a ‘Jacobs ladder’ which is an indoor climbing treadmill.

Our exercise class room has a padded floor and plenty of space for individual and class room exercise opportunities. It is fully stocked with equipment that can be used to enhance your workout including; exercise balls and bands, yoga blocks and pads, dumbbells, weighted bars and punching bags. The exercise room is open and available to all members whenever there is not a class in session.

Classes offered at MedX include Cardio Wheels (aka Spinning), Cardio & Tone, Overall Strength, Yoga, Butt & Guts, Pilates, Tri-Fit, 30-min Blast, Zumba-Blast, Core & Legs, and Triple Threat Cardio-Wheels. Look for times and details of classes on the exercise class page.

Our locker rooms are very clean and basic providing a small changing area, showers and vanity area. Lockers are available to rent monthly and are free for daily use. You must bring your own lock. Workout towels are provided free during your workout and towels for showers are $1. There is a handicap assessable bathroom located in the Physical therapy area.

MedX Physical Therapy has three private treatment rooms and a small therapy area for privacy and comfort during therapy. The therapists at MedX utilize the entire facility in order to provide comprehensive therapy for all their patients.

MedX of Estes Owners

Bryon Holmes

Bryon received his Master in Exercise Physiology and Sports Science from the University of Florida in 1987. He has been involved in the peer review research, development of utilization guidelines and certification of MedX computerized spine equipment ever since. He has served as a technical representative and medical educational trainer for the MedX Corporation helping clinics and clubs use the specialized MedX Lumbar and spine machines in treatment and therapy.

He was co-director and designer of a comprehensive spinal rehabilitation and clinical certification program while at the University of California at San Diego, Department of Orthopedics. He has contributed to many peer review articles while in academics.

He was co-owner an developer of "America's Back", an affordable back pain facility with 11 sites throughout Colorado. Bryon is currently an athletic testing consultant for BAM. BAM provides objective athletic testing data for the NBA, Adidas, International Cricket Council and various college and sports camps around the world.

He’s an avid outdoor enthusiast and exercises regularly so that he can continue to enjoy the beautiful outdoor activities that the Rocky Mountains provide. He and Debbie have three children who they’ve raised here in Estes Park.

"I firmly believe that regular exercise is the single most important thing you can do for your overall health and wellness. There is not a single disorder or disease that can not be prevented or significantly improved with a well designed exercise program."

Debbie Holmes

Debbie received her Masters in Health Science Education after achieving her Bachelors in Exercise Science from the University of Florida. She has been involved with adult fitness since early in her career having been program manager for the San Diego State University-Adult Fitness Program and the owner of Holmes Personal Training, an in-home personal training business while living in San Diego.

She served on the American Council of Exercise (ACE) certification board for 2 years and has continued to educate through teaching classes, writing a weekly health and fitness column and giving health and fitness talks throughout the Estes community.

She has designed and teaches the senior exercise class (Tri-Fit) at the senior center, coaches middle school and high school swim teams, works on the Estes Park Ambulance as an EMT, covers sports and miscellaneous articles along with her weekly ‘High Altitude Health’ article for the Trail Gazette and stays involved with many community service organizations, including the Bobcat Booster Club and Estes Park Quota Club.

She is an avid exercise enthusiast who also loves to be outside riding her bike, walking and hiking. She is the proud mom of three amazing kids who keep her busy.

MedX of Estes Staff

Nik Buchman
Fitness Manager/ Internship Supervisor

Jennifer Newhouse
Physical Therapy Receptionist/ Front Desk Manager

Jennifer started with MedX as an intern in 2006 while studying Health and Fitness Promotion at West Virginia Wesleyan in Buckhannon. After her internship, Jenn began working for MedX part time as a floor attendant before she became Facilities Manager and Intern Supervisor in 2008.

Jenn fell in love with Estes after her grand parents built their home here in 1999 and came out many summers to work at the Dunraven Inn and the Indian Village store before she moved here permanently after her internship. Living in Estes, hiking, shopping and being near family are important to her.

Jenn met her husband Henry at MedX and they married in 2009. Together they have recently renovated an old Newhouse family cabin, which they’ve made their own. Baby Henry IV is almost 3 and MedX is excited to welcome Newhouse baby #2 in August.

Jenn loves working with the clients of MedX and helping them improve their lifestyles. She also loves her co workers and living and working in the healthy environment of Estes Park and MedX.


Our History

After graduating from the University of Florida, Bryon went to work for the MedX Corporation doing installations and in service education on the MedX Lumbar and Spine machines for chiropractic and medical clinics all around the country. After a short time MedX transferred Bryon to San Diego to work with the Department of Orthopedics at University of California in San Diego. MedX wanted and needed research and medical support for their spine strengthening machines and UCSD agreed to utilize the equipment and provide research. Bryon spent 4 years working with UCSD, while Debbie worked at San Diego State University running its Adult Fitness program and her personal training business.

With four years in California and baby in tow, Bryon and Debbie decided it was important to get closer to family and look at opening their own rehab and exercise facility. Their first thoughts were to settle in Boulder, because of its college atmosphere and possible opportunities. However, weekend trips to Estes Park set their hearts towards settling in the mountains and after some looking around the doors started opening for the Holmes family to buy and settle.

MedX of Estes started as a showroom for MedX equipment. Bryon returned to work for MedX continuing to help with equipment and installation/education for clinics around the country after leaving UCSD. The showroom began in a small 200 ft office off of Woodstock Dr where Bryon stored a few machines for the company with intentions of bringing potential buyers to Estes to learn about MedX machines. He then started to invite the local chiropractors and physicians over to learn about the MedX spine conditioning machines, most importantly the MedX Lumbar Machine. Without hesitation, he and Debbie also started inviting their friends to try out the machines and that was the beginning.

MedX expanded from the few machines to across the hallway into a bigger space of 800 sq ft with first one ‘circuit’ of 9 machines, then a 2nd set of machines, a treadmill and their lumbar and cervical spine machines. They started working with Health South physical therapy and then hired their first physical therapist, Iolanthe Culjak. Exercise was provided by appointment only on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays. Expansion included hiring their first employee, Jim Carpenter and then their second employee/manager Andy Collingwood. It also included an accidental start to their internship program. Curt Weibel, PNP-C from Timberline Medical called to see if MedX would be able to help them provide an internship to a local college student and that’s when our very first intern started with MedX.

MedX was given the opportunity of a lifetime when their current location opened up for occupancy. They’ve been on First Street for over 13 years now and have grown into the full health club and physical therapy clinic that Bryon and Debbie dreamed about.

MedX has had 6 physical therapists, 2 therapy assistants, a manager, 4 front desk managers, 2 billing gals, many floor attendants and over a 100 interns work with them throughout their growth, who are all successfully on their own or working in other places. Currently they have 2 physical therapists, a physical therapy assistant, facility manager, front desk manager, 2-4 interns and a handful of weekend helpers to keep MedX working its magic.

Even though exercise fads come and go, MedX holds strong to it’s simple ‘down to basics’ mentality on exercising for health. It’ll always provide the strongest most effective way for helping people get what they need from their exercise and physical therapy programs.

Our Philosophy

MedX is an acronym for medical-exercise. When Arthur Jones sold Nautilus and started his work on designing MedX medical machines Bryon and Debbie were at the University of Florida working on their masters degrees in exercise physiology and health education. They adopted the philosophy that exercise is medicine for the body and medical needs exercise in its equation if it truly wants to impact the healthcare industry.

The MedX exercise equipment is designed to provide for the easiest application for strength exercise. It takes little to no effort to set a machine that can fit a person 4’6” to 7’tall and be able to accommodate strength for all strength levels. Therefore, all size people can workout on a MedX machine and receive the maximum strength benefits.

Early in their careers Bryon and Debbie witnessed how a ‘circuit’ of primary machines, lined up and supervised, so that an individual can simply move from one machine to the next provided an amazing result on both strength gains and compliance. The circuit provides your body with a base workout that it needs in order to gain and maintain full body strength. A circuit makes strength training quick and complete, which is why 75% of the members at MedX utilize the circuits. The members also benefit from the supervision given while on the circuit because moving quickly from machine to machine keeps heart rates elevated and time strength training quicker allowing more time spent elsewhere in the gym.

We encourage exercising for the entire body, as efficiently and quickly as possible so that members can enjoy what they really want to do; like be outside. We also know that exercising for health needs to be accomplished inside a gym environment and be done 4-5 times a week. That is why MedX strives to always provide a clean, safe, friendly and no nonsense environment for its members.

Coming into a gym should never be a place where worries happen, especially about the ‘hows’ of exercising; where to start, how to change things up or what to do with medical concerns. MedX has developed a base guideline that has proven over and over again to be successful and that is why MedX members are compliant and successful with their fitness.